For three years from 2018, at first with the JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency)

After that, I lived and worked with a Jamaican people for a year.

On tropical islands from Jamaica to the Caribbean, the sun is close to the equator, full of ocean and beautiful nature.

So as you can imagine, People, nature, and food are full of power.

For the past three years, my mind, body, and soul have received such energy from them.

It is an important time and space that reminds us of the feeling that "I live on the earth."

I especially wanted to research local herbs,

so I was taken care of by a Jamaican medicine man's house for half of the next years.

They have roots in Africa and deal with herbs that are completely different from those in Europe and Japan.

I would like to introduce the herbal tea that the “mom” of there always brewed for me.

If you want to refresh your feelings in the morning,

relax at night, or if someone in your family has a headache or has a cold,

choose the herbs that suit you.

Various herbs appear in various everyday scenes.

Please try Jamaica's natural herbal tea with the love of moms.

February 2022

kazuu (hukalabo planting labo)


hukalabo planting labo